The Charter for the Alt.Support.Diabetes Newsgroup

The Charter for was originally published on April 26, 1999. It was written by Jude Crouch and later amended in 2000 by Alan (Wolf) Roark. The Charter was made purposely vague for political reasons. Some details can be found on our history page.

Charter and Info

This newsgroup is for the emotional support of persons with diabetes mellitus, their families and loved ones. Specifically, this group is not intended to duplicate the information in, and not intended to dispense medical advice about the disease. Nor is this group intended to duplicate the group, which discusses recipes for those with diabetes.

There are currently 15.7 million persons with diabetes in the USA (according to the American Diabetes Association) and 140 million persons worldwide with diabetes (according to the World Health Organization). The WHO expects the numbers to more than double to 300 million in the next 25 years.

It is not intended that this group would carry commercial messages, binaries or HTML. is not moderated.

This is the Charter. It is intended that this newsgroup will not have a separate FAQ, an extensive multi-part Diabetes FAQ exists at

[The following was added to the Charter in 2000. It was written by Alan (Wolf) Roark.]

What is ASD?

The main mission of (a.s.d), though not the only one, is that of the fellowship and support of diabetics, their friends and loved ones. The group was founded with the belief that moral support is an extremely important part of living with diabetes, hence, the title of` the group.

A.S.D is a public forum. There is no membership. All are welcome to post here. "Lurking" is also accepted, but we encourage any and all that have an interest in diebetes issues to 'speak up'. Simply introduce yourself and jump right in.

By charter, we are not here for medical advice. Specific medical questions will often be asked and responses will generally be given as suggestions or from personal experiences. Any advice given here should not be considered as professional, and should only be followed after consulting your medical team.

We are also here to help educate. By sharing what we have learned, either by experience or by internet, we hope to help others learn to cope with diabetes. Alt.Support.Diabetes is a non-profit group. We do NOT advocate or support any particular product. Any testimonial for a specific product or company is purely the opinion of the individual poster. We frown highly on "spam". It is the intention of this group that there should be no commercial intervention. But because we are an unmoderated forum, there is no way for us as a group to keep advertisers from posting to the group.

Abuse of the Forum

Since there is no moderator, this forum is uncensored. We believe in the freedom to say what is on your mind. We do, however, request that the topic be of concern to diabetics. This is not to say that diabetes is the only issue discussed here. We talk freely about almost anything. Those post that do not specifically concern diabetes are labeled as "Off Topic" and should be designated as such by the preface of "OT".

We ask that posters refrain from obscenities, vulgarities, name-calling, and any other actions that would be considered out of place in a public place.

"Spam" is extremely unwelcome here, but it will show up. Any claims of 'miracle cures' or easy weight loss plans are quickly investigated and debunked. Harassment is NOT tolerated in any way! Those that wish to cause disruption, either in the forum or by e-mail, are asked to move on. Repeat abusers will be reported to their ISP.