The 5% Club

5% Club The term "5% Club" was coined in ASD on June 12, 2000 by a regular poster. It means that someone has gained excellent control of their diabetes and has received an HbA1c reading of less than 6.0%. Because our newsgroup is limited to ASCII text-only, the "certificate" isn't very pretty, but it is very meaningful.

Many have asked "Why 5%?" If one looks at the charts showing the risk of retinopathy and nephropathy, as developed in the DCCT and UKPDS studies, one will see a sharp increase in risk at an A1c of approximately 6.0%. Therefore, an A1c of less than 6.0% is evidence that the poster has done everything he or she can to minimize that risk. Remember, unless your lab is DCCT-calibrated, normal ranges do vary.

It is important to note that not everyone, especially Type-1 diabetics, will be able to reach an A1c in the 5s, so it should be regarded as a goal. Type-1 diabetics, and anyone injecting insulin, should weigh the increased risks of hypoglycemia against this goal.

Congratulations To Our 5% Club Members:

W. Wesley Groleau Roger Zoul Chris Hogg
BigNascarFan bj David
Maya Zuiderweg Peabody randyf
Adam Becker ray carter GysdeJongh
Peppermint Patootie basilisk ray
Chris Malcolm Robert Miles RM Bantista
hemyd MaryL Bob
Jacquie Bjorn Steensrud Ellen K.
W. Baker Norma o Peter G. (Bigbird)
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