Diabetes News from ScienceDaily

19 February 2020

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  • Memory games: Eating well to remember
    A healthy diet is essential to living well, but should we change what we eat as we age? Researchers have found strong evidence of the link between food groups and memory loss and its comorbidities. Her findings point to a need for age-specific dietary guidelines as the links may vary with age -- people aged 80+ with a low consumption of cereals are at highest risk of memory loss and comorbid heart disease.
  • The skinny on why poor sleep may increase heart risk in women
    A new study suggests that for women, poor sleep could contribute to unhealthy food choices, increasing the risk of obesity and heart disease.
  • 'Smart' bandages heal chronic wounds
    A new 'smart bandage' could help improve clinical care for people with chronic wounds.
  • DNA misfolding in white blood cells increases risk for type 1 diabetes
    Changes in DNA sequence can trigger the chromosomes to misfold in a way that puts one at a heightened risk for Type 1 diabetes. The study revealed that differences in DNA sequences dramatically changed how the DNA was folded inside the nucleus, ultimately affecting the regulation -- the induction or repression -- of genes linked to the development Type 1 diabetes.
  • Molecular 'switch' reverses chronic inflammation and aging
    Scientists have identified a molecular 'switch' that controls the immune machinery responsible for chronic inflammation in the body. The finding could lead to new ways to halt or even reverse many age-related conditions, from from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to diabetes and cancer.