Stephan J. Guyenet, PhD -- The Science of Body Weight and Health

16 February 2019

The science of body weight and health
  • Quickly assessing the credibility of public experts
    We live in a complex world, and it’s impossible to be an expert on everything that impacts our lives.  In many domains, we have to trust the expertise of others to guide our decisions.  Yet not all experts hold rational beliefs, and many people who are framed as experts in media are not actually experts.  […]
  • A more complete picture of the “collapse” of NuSI, and corrections to my previous post on it
    After publishing my post Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI) in retrospect, I received an email from Peter Attia, MD, the former president of NuSI, suggesting that I had gotten aspects of the story wrong due to a lack of additional context. Attia and I spoke twice by phone, and I think he has a point. I […]
  • Why the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity is probably wrong: A supplementary reply to Ebbeling and Ludwig’s JAMA article
    I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Kevin Hall, PhD and Rudy Leibel, MD on a commentary in JAMA Internal Medicine (1).  It was fun for me to work with two researchers who I respect tremendously.  Hall’s energy balance modeling work has brought important new insights to the obesity research field and Leibel is, […]
  • Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI) in retrospect
    On Monday, Wired published an article about the Nutrition Science Initiative, “The collapse of a $40 million nutrition science crusade“.  This seems like a good time to review the trajectory of NuSI and what we can learn from it.  NuSI was founded in 2012, ostensibly on the idea that our current understanding of obesity is […]
  • What is a low-glycemic diet, really?
    I’ve always been struck by the imprecision of how the terms “low-glycemic-index diet” and “low-glycemic-load diet” are used.  In theory, these are diets that reduce post-meal blood glucose and their benefits derive from this property.  In practice, they often differ from typical diets in multiple ways.  If a “low-glycemic diet” is also higher in fiber […]